Picking the Right Commercial Garage Door

If you’re a business owner and you need to replace your business’s current commercial garage doors with new ones you should shop around so you know what types of garage doors are available commercially for your business needs.

Just as residential doors come in a wide variety of styles, so do commercial garage doors. Depending on what your particular business needs are you can pick from anything from fireproof roll-up doors to industrial metal doors to glass roll-up doors. If you decide to go with a fireproof roll-up door for your business don’t forget you need to have the door tested once a year to make sure it is up to code and will do what you want it to do in the worst-case scenario of a fire.

And unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors are intended to take more rough wear and tear than their neighboring residential garage doors and are made of sturdy material that can withstand more than the average bump and hit without showing signs of damage or wear.

In addition to your options available in the style category, you can also choose from garage doors that come either insulated or not insulated depending on your needs. For most businesses, if the area to be contained by a garage door is heated or cooled to maintain a climate-controlled environment it just makes sense to extend that containment to the garage door and get it insulated.

Another thing to take into consideration in addition to the style of the door is the safety of the door. Can your commercial garage door withstand the elements? Will the door withstand environmental hazards like saltwater spray, UV rays, extreme heat, or cold and windstorms? Depending on where you are located geographically you want to make sure you have a commercial garage door that can withstand the elements you expect to endure to protect your business as much as you can.

Other common safety features that you probably have on your residential garage door also belong on your commercial doors like safety sensing features that prevent a door from closing on something or someone under it. These sensors can save lives and if you have an automatic garage door you should make sure your door is equipped with this safety feature and have it tested once in a while to make sure it’s working properly.

If your business is a warehouse or factory with forklifts and other heavy equipment is being used you should also consider having your commercial garage door equipped with a break-away bottom section. A break-away section can be reset quickly and is cheaper to have installed than it is to have the bottom of the garage door constantly under repair because of a forklift hitting the bottom as it lifts its load too close to the doors. For residential or commercial garage door services, contact BH Doors and Gates!